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Which three statements are reasons why customers consider Cisco 700-038 exam as their collaboration solutions partner? (Choose three.)
A. The Cisco collaboration portfolio is built on open standards and stands for collaboration interoperability.
B. The Cisco collaboration portfolio is exclusive to software rather than hardware solutions.
C. The Cisco collaboration portfolio is creatively designed with a single solution model that fits all customer choices.
D. Cisco has the most comprehensive collaboration portfolio and flexible delivery model offerings in the market.
E. Cisco is the market leader with the best-in-class telephony, conferencing, and video solutions.
F. The Cisco comprehensive and flexible collaboration portfolio is lowest-priced option when compared to competitors
Correct Answer: ADE

Where will an account manager find the largest source of case studies, whitepapers, demos, and vertical-oriented Information around Cisco 700-038 Collaboration?
A. Collaboration Use Case
B. QuickStart for Cisco Collaboration
C. Cisco Competitive Edge Portal
D. Steps to Success
E. Cisco Collaboration business case
Correct Answer: E

Once you define the customer’s value chain, you will be able to identify departments managing core processes where the Cisco 700-038 Collaboration Architecture will bring highest business value.
Which two of the following departments typically manage core processes? (Choose two.)
A. Procurement
B. Sales and Marketing
C. Logistics and Operations
D. HR Management
E. Research and Development
Correct Answer: BC

Which option leads to 700-038 the development of high-level and detailed customer designs?
A. Mapping collaboration maps with the customer’s existing solutions
B. Mapping collaboration maps with the customer assessment procedure
C. Mapping collaboration maps with the customer business model
D. Mapping collaboration maps with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture solutions
Correct Answer: D

Which two options represent the critical concerns of a desktop application manager regarding Cisco 700-038 Collaboration Architecture? (Choose two.)
A. Implementing instant messaging can become a security threat. How secure is your Collaboration application?
B. I’m concerned about integration into our existing application infrastructure
C. Can your Collaboration application self-diagnose problems’?
D. I’m concerned about the reporting capabilities of your desktop collaboration application
E. Collaboration sounds sophisticated, but how does this support our sales force?
Correct Answer: AB

Which two statements indicate that the customer needs an infrastructure that 700-038 dumps can efficiently accommodate organizational changes? (Choose two.)
A. We need technology to dictate and lead business processes.
B. Collaboration applications must be flexible to quickly adapt to changes in user demand.
C. Collaboration equipment must be deployed at several locations and data centers.
D. The lifetime of any technology in our company is approximately two to three years
E. Future success of our company depends on operational agility.
Correct Answer: BE

Security plays an essential role in the Cisco 700-038 Collaboration Architecture In which layers of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture is security implemented?
A. Advanced Cisco security solutions are implemented in all layers of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture model.
B. Security is implemented in all the layers except in the medianet services interface layer.
C. Cisco security solutions are integrated into the infrastructure layer and partially into the collaboration services layer
D. Cisco provides advanced security solutions in the infrastructure and collaboration services layers while the collaboration applications layer security is ensured by third-party solutions.
Correct Answer: D

Which three statements are benefits of 700-038 a financial analysis? (Choose three.)
A. It uses ROI measures that are always accepted by other stakeholders or the CFO.
B. It increases the size of the deal and the potential services revenue
C. It highlights strategic and tactical benefits.
D. It requires minimal resources and is risk-free
E. It encourages the customer to examine Cisco Unified Communications in more detail.
F. It is a simple process and it can be completed in time, well within the sales cycle.
Correct Answer: BCE

Which two customer statements 700-038 vce present business ROI? (Choose two)
A. With Cisco Collaboration, we can deploy Extension Mobility, which will allow employees to “touchdown” at any workspace
B. With Cisco Collaboration, we will engage quicker with third-party suppliers and will shorten go-to-market time for innovative products globally
C. A Cisco Collaboration Architecture will improve our company’s morale
D. Cisco Telepresence can integrate with our existing video infrastructure
E. Cisco Collaboration helps us to increase the productivity of our sales force and to gain new revenue streams through new customers
Correct Answer: BE

Which two characteristics are differentiators for the Cisco 700-038 ISR router compared to the competition? (Choose two.)
A. Decoupling the delivery of software from hardware on optional service modules
B. Integration of WLAN access points
C. Routes network traffic down alternative paths to avoid congestion, which switches cannot do
D. Support of analog voice connections
E. Operational simplicity through a single, universal Cisco IOS Software image. Services Ready Engine, EnergyWise innovations, and investment protection
Correct Answer: AE

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