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Question 1:

How does requesting a synchronous API operation differ from requesting an asynchronous API operation?

A. clients receive responses with a task id for further processing

B. clients subscribe to a webhook for operation results

C. clients poll for the status of the execution of operations

D. clients can access the results immediately

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

What are two advantages of YANG-based approaches for infrastructure automation? (Choose two.)

A. multi-platform vendor abstraction

B. compiles to executables that run on network devices

C. designed to reflect networking concepts

D. directly maps to JavaScript

E. command-line driven interface

Correct Answer: AC

Question 3:

Which device is used to transport traffic from one broadcast domain to another broadcast domain?

A. layer 2 switch

B. proxy server

C. router

D. load balancer

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Which service provides a directory lookup for IP addresses and host names?





Correct Answer: A

Question 5:

Users cannot access a web server and after the traffic is captured, the capture tool shows an ICMP packet that reports “time exceeded in-transit”. What is the cause of this webserver access issue?

A. A router along the path has the wrong time.

B. A router along the path is misrouting the packets in the wrong direction.

C. The server is too loaded and the connection could not be handled in time.

D. The server is too far away and the packets require too much time to reach it.

Correct Answer: B

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Cisco 200-901 exam questions online practice test


Refer to the exhibits.

cisco 200-901 exam questions q1
cisco 200-901 exam questions q1-1

The Python interpreter and the Cisco Python SDK are available by default in the Cisco NX-OS Software. The SDK
documentation shows how the clid() API can be used when working with JSON and XML. What are the two effects of running the script? (Choose two.)

A. configure interface loopback 5
B. show details for the TABLE interface
C. issue shutdown on interface loopback 5
D. show only the interfaces in the up status
E. show only the interfaces in admin shut status

Correct Answer: AD



A developer creates a script that configured multiple Cisco IOS XE devices in a corporate infrastructure. The internal test environment is unavailable, and no maintenance window is available to test on a low-priority production environment. Which resource is used to test the code before it is applied to the production environment?

A. Code Exchange
B. Cisco DevNet Learning Labs
C. Cisco DevNet Sandbox
D. Cisco Support

Correct Answer: C


FILL IN THE BLANK Fill in the blanks to complete the Python script to update the Webex Teams membership of a room using the Python requests library

cisco 200-901 exam questions q3

import requests
url =“https://api.ciscospark.com/v1/memberships/Y2lzY29zcGFyazov379971079INISVAvOTJiM2RkOWEtNjc1ZC00YT
my_token = “AbCdEf123456”
payload = “{\n \”isModerator\”: true\n}”
headers = {
‘Authorization’: ‘Bearer’ + my_token,
‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’
response = requests. (“PATCH”, url, headers= , data = __ )
A. Check the answer in explanation.
Correct Answer: A
request, headers, payload


Which action does the Git command git merge allow the developer to perform?

A. Combine multiple sequences of commits into one unified history
B. Push changes to the remote repository
C. create, list, rename and delete branches
D. Switch between branches

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/using-branches/git-merge


A local Docker alpine image has been created with an image ID of a391665405fe and tagged as “latest”. Which
command creates a running container based on the tagged image, with the container port 8080 bound to port 80 on the host?

A. docker build -p 8080:80 alpine:latest
B. docker exec -p 8080:80 alpine:latest
C. docker start -p 8080:80 alpine:latest
D. docker run -p 8080:80 alpine:latest

Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 200-901 exam questions q6

A developer must integrate a bot with an internal communication app. The developer wants to replace the webexbot package with the team’s bot package by using Ansible and prepares a playbook In the first two tasks, the playbook stops the webexbot and verifies that the team’s bot is installed. What is accomplished in the last task of the workflow when the developer runs the Ansible playbook?

A. stops the webexbot service and uninstall it and retains its configuration files
B. installs the webexbot and retains the configuration files
C. uninstalls the webexbot package and removes its configuration files
D. searches whether the purge package is available in the repository and uninstalls the webexbot package

Correct Answer: C


What are two characteristics of Bare Metal environments that are related to application deployment? (Choose two.)

A. specifically designed for container-based workloads
B. suitable for legacy applications that do not support virtualization
C. provides workloads with access to hardware features
D. is not compatible with other cloud services such as PaaS or SaaS offerings
E. provides the hypervisor to host virtual servers

Correct Answer: CE


What are the two benefits of using VLANs? (Choose two.)

A. limits the devices that can join the network
B. segments the broadcast domain extends the broadcast domain
C. allows all network devices to be accessible from any host on the network
D. enables the logical grouping of devices that belong to different Layer 2 devices

Correct Answer: BD


Refer to the exhibit.

cisco 200-901 exam questions q9

What does the Python function do?

A. It returns HTTP Basic Authentication.
B. It returns DNAC user and password.
C. It reads a token from a local JSON file and posts the token to the DNAC URL.
D. It returns an authorization token.

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://community.cisco.com/t5/cisco-digital-network/how-can-i-make-this-script-to-run/td- p/3882782


An automation script fails to connect to an internal server exactly 1 out of 2 times it is executed. This behavior is seen in different clients. Which networking device must be at fault?

A. load balancer
B. laptop on which the script is running
C. switch
D. router

Correct Answer: A


What are two advantages of the Model-View-Controller software design pattern? (Choose two.)

A. allows for multiple views of the same model
B. separates responsibilities of the code, which makes future modifications easier
C. simplifies network automation
D. makes code easier to deploy using CI/CD pipelines
E. reduces the need for error handling

Correct Answer: AB


Before which process is code review performed when version control is used?

A. checkout of code
B. merge of code
C. committing code
D. branching code

Correct Answer: C


Which model-driven programmability protocol does Cisco IOS XE Software support?


Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/prog/configuration/1610/


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Share part of the Cisco 200-901 exam PDF free for some students to download and study online.
All free exam content comes from a part of the Lead4Pass 200-901 exam dumps.