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The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer allows analysis of calls from which two devices?
(Choose two.)
A. translation patterns
B. device pools
C. CTI ports
D. CTI route points
E. IP phones
Correct Answer: CE


An engineer must implement call restriction to toll-free numbers using a class of restriction in a branch Cisco UCME. In
which two places is the corlist incoming or cor Incoming command configured? (Choose two.)
A. “ephone-dn\\’ configuration mode
B. “voice register global” configuration mode
C. “telephony-service” configuration mode
D. “voice register pool” configuration mode
E. “dial-peer cor custom” configuration mode
Correct Answer: AD


An engineer has two Cisco UCM clusters and wants them using ILS with TLS Certificates. Cluster A (Pub and 1
Subscriber) will be the hub, and Cluster B (Pub and 1 Subscriber) will be the spoke. Both clusters have self-signed
certificates. The engineer has exchanged Publisher A and Subscriber B Tomcat certificates, but the connection fails.
What is the cause of the failure?
A. The password is incorrect.
B. Cluster IDs are not unique.
C. The Tomcat certificate from Cluster B must be the Publisher.
D. The engineer needs to exchange the CallManager certificate.
Correct Answer: D


QUESTION 4cisco 300-815 exam questions q4

Refer to the exhibit. A user dials 84969010 and observes that the call is not routed immediately. The
administrator notices that after matching the fixed-length translation pattern, the call hits the \+! pattern and waits for
interdigit timeout. What should be configured to ensure that the call routes out immediately?
A. Allow Device Override on the route pattern
B. Route Next Hop By Calling Party Number on the translation pattern
C. Do Not Wait For Interdigit Timeout On Subsequent Hops on the translation pattern
D. Do Not Wait For Interdigit Timeout On Subsequent Hops on the route pattern
Correct Answer: C


Which services are needed to successfully implement Cisco Extension Mobility in a standalone Cisco Unified
Communications Manager server?
A. Cisco Extended Functions, Cisco Extension Mobility, and Cisco AXL Web Service
B. Cisco CallManager, Cisco TFTP, and Cisco CallManager SNMP Service
C. Cisco CallManager, Cisco TFTP, and Cisco Extension Mobility D. Cisco TAPS Service, Cisco TFTP, and Cisco
Extension Mobility
Correct Answer: C
Reference:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/voice_ip_comm/cucm/admin/10_5_2/ccmfeat/ CUCM_BK_C3A84B33



cisco 300-815 exam questions q6

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is troubleshooting an issue where inbound calls to Cisco UCM with early
media fail to establish. While investigating the issue, the engineer finds that Cisco UCM is set to require a PRACK, but
the Cisco Unified Border Element is not sending it. Which command is causing this issue?
A. voice-class sip rel1xx disable
B. voice-class sip early-media update block
C. voice-class midcall-signaling block
D. voice-class sip conn-reuse
Correct Answer: A


An administrator discovers that employees are making unauthorized long-distance and international calls from loggedoff Extension Mobility phones when the authorized users are away from their desks. Which two configurations should
the administrator configure in the Cisco UCM to avoid this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Add the long-distance and international pattern\\’s partitions to the calling search space of the physical phone.
B. Remove the long-distance and international pattern\\’s partitions to the calling search space of the physical phone.
C. Add the long-distance and international pattern\\’s partitions to the calling search space of the device profile.
D. Add the long-distance and international pattern\\’s partitions to the calling search space of the physical phone\\’s
directory number.
E. Remove long-distance and international pattern\\’s partitions from the calling search space of the device profile.
Correct Answer: BE


A user reports when they press the services key they do not receive a user ID and password prompt to assign the
phone extension. Which action resolves the issue?
A. Create the default device profiles for all phone models that are used.
B. Subscribe the phone to the Cisco Extension Mobility service.
C. Create the end user and associate it to the device profile.
D. Assign the extension as a mobile extension.
Correct Answer: B


CollabCorp is a global company with two clusters, emea.collab corp and apac.collab.corp. URI dialing is implemented
and working in each cluster. The company configured routing between clusters to make inter-cluster calls via URI. but
this is not working as expected. Which two configuration elements should be checked to resolve this issue? (Choose
A. directory URI partition
B. SIP route pattern
C. intercluster trunk
D. calling search space and partition
E. SIP trunk
Correct Answer: BE


The SIP session refresh timer allows the RTP session to stay active during an active call. The Cisco UCM sends either
SIP-INVITE or SIP-UPDATE messages in a regular interval of time throughout the active duration of the call. During a
troubleshooting session, the engineer finds that the Cisco UCM is sending SIP-UPDATE as the SIP session refresher,
and the engineer would like to use SIP-INVITE as the session refresher. What configuration should be made in the
Cisco UCM to achieve this?
A. Change Session Refresh Method on the SIP profile to INVITE.
B. Increase Retry INVITE to 20 seconds on the SIP profile.
C. Enable Send send-receive SDP in mid-call INVITE on the SIP profile.
D. Enable SIP Rel1XX Options on the SIP profile.
Correct Answer: A
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/unified-communications/unified-borderelement/213843-troubleshoot-session-refresh-on-cube.html


Which section under the Real-Time Monitoring Tool allows for reviewing the call flow and signaling for a SIP call in real
A. Analysis Manager > Inventory > Trace File Repositories
B. System > Tools > Trace and Log Central
C. Voice/Video > Session Trace Log View > Real Time Data
D. Voice/Video > Session Trace Log View > Open From Local Disk
Correct Answer: C
Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/unified-communications/unified-communicationsmanagercallmanager/213583-procedure-to-analyse-call-flow-of-sip-ca.html



cisco 300-815 exam questions q12

Refer to the exhibit. The Cisco Unified Border Element receives an INVITE matching inbound dial peer 5002. The
outbound dial peer supports only iLBC, and a Local Transcoding Interface is allocated. Based on the configuration and
SDP from the INVITE message, which codec is chosen by Cisco Unified Border Element for the inbound call leg?
A. G.711 A-law
B. G.711 U-law
C. G.729r8
D. G.729br8
Correct Answer: C


Where on Cisco Unified Communications Manager do you configure the standard local route group for a group of
A. System > Location Info
B. Call Routing > Route/Hunt > Local Route Group Names
C. System > Device Pool
D. Call Routing > Emergency Location > Emergency Location (ELIN) Groups
Correct Answer: B


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