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Which of the following types of keys is found in a key escrow? 

A. Public 

B. Private 

C. Shared 

D. Session 

Correct Answer: B 


An employee uses RDP to connect back to the office network. 

If RDP is misconfigured, which of the following security exposures would this lead to? 

A. A virus on the administrator\\’s desktop would be able to sniff the administrator\\’s username and password. 

B. Result in an attacker being able to phish the employee\\’s username and password. 

C. A social engineering attack could occur, resulting in the employee\\’s password being extracted. 

D. A man in the middle attack could occur, resulting the employee\\’s username and password being captured. 

Correct Answer: D 


Ann, a user, states that her machine has been behaving erratically over the past week. She has experienced slowness

and input lag and found text files that appear to contain pieces of her emails or online conversations with coworkers.


technician runs a standard virus scan but detects nothing. 

Which of the following types of malware has infected the machine? 

A. Ransomware 

B. Rootkit 

C. Backdoor 

D. Keylogger 

Correct Answer: D 


A security analyst is diagnosing an incident in which a system was compromised from an external IP address. The

socket identified on the firewall was traced to Which of the following should the security analyst do

to determine if the compromised system still has an active connection? 

A. tracert 

B. netstat 

C. ping 

D. nslookup 

Correct Answer: B 


A Chief Information Officer (CIO) has decided it is not cost effective to implement safeguards against a known

vulnerability. Which of the following risk responses does this BEST describe? 

A. Transference 

B. Avoidance 

C. Mitigation 

D. Acceptance 

Correct Answer: D 


A security analyst has received the following alert snippet from the HIDS appliance: lead4pass sy0-501 exam question q6

Given the above logs, which of the following is the cause of the attack?
A. The TCP ports on destination are all open
B. FIN, URG, and PSH flags are set in the packet header
C. TCP MSS is configured improperly
D. There is improper Layer 2 segmentation
Correct Answer: B

A security engineer is configuring a wireless network with EAP-TLS. Which of the following activities is a requirement for
this configuration?
A. Setting up a TACACS+ server
B. Configuring federation between authentication servers
C. Enabling TOTP
D. Deploying certificates to endpoint devices
Correct Answer: D

Joe a computer forensic technician responds to an active compromise of a database server. Joe first collects
information in memory, then collects network traffic and finally conducts an image of the hard drive.
Which of the following procedures did Joe follow?
A. Order of volatility
B. Chain of custody
C. Recovery procedure
D. Incident isolation
Correct Answer: A

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) drafts an agreement between the organization and its employees. The agreement
outlines ramifications for releasing information without consent and/or approvals. Which of the following BEST describes
this type of agreement?
Correct Answer: B

An administrator intends to configure an IPSec solution that provides ESP with integrity protection, but not confidentiality
protection. Which of the following AES modes of operation would meet this integrity-only requirement?
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is the main difference an XSS vulnerability and a CSRF vulnerability?
A. XSS needs the attacker to be authenticated to the trusted server.
B. XSS does not need the victim to be authenticated to the trusted server.
C. CSRF needs the victim to be authenticated to the trusted server.
D. CSRF does not need the victim to be authenticated to the trusted server.
E. CSRF does not need the attacker to be authenticated to the trusted server.
Correct Answer: BC

As part of a new industry regulation, companies are required to utilize secure, standardized OS settings. A technical
must ensure the OS settings are hardened. Which of the following is the BEST way to do this?
A. Use a vulnerability scanner.
B. Use a configuration compliance scanner.
C. Use a passive, in-line scanner.
D. Use a protocol analyzer.
Correct Answer: B

A Security Officer on a military base needs to encrypt several smart phones that will be going into the field.
Which of the following encryption solutions should be deployed in this situation?
A. Elliptic curve
B. One-time pad
D. AES-256
Correct Answer: D

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