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A company plans to upgrade a network server. Before proceeding with the upgrade, the HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) and hardware is checked and necessary backups and documentation are made.
The existing 512 MB of SDRAM is replaced with 1024 MB. The 10 Mbps network card is replaced with a 10/100 PCI network card. When the server restarts, beeps sound and the server does not pass the POST.
Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?
A. The memory is not seated correctly.
B. The network card is not configured correctly.
C. The server does not support 1024 MB of memory.
D. Master SDRAM ECC needs to be enabled in the CMOS.
The latest SCSI adaptor card is purchased from a vendor. Drivers for the operating system cannot be obtained. The SCSI adapter card is added to an existing server. Upon booting, the operating system does not detect the SK0-004 card. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the problem?
A. The SCSI card is not seated correctly.
B. The termination is incorrectly set on the SCSI card.
C. The SCSI card is not listed on the operating system HCL (Hardware Compatibility List).
D. Operating system patches were not updated before installing the card.
Answer: C

After upgrading the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) protocol, the can be looked up. It is a sequence of integers that uniquely identifies a path to a managed object.
A. MIB (Management Information Base)
B. OID (ObjectIDentifier)
C. register
D. community name
Answer: B

A technician purchases a new 120 GB IDE hard disk to use in an old server as a swap drive. After adding the drive to the server, the technician discovers that the operating system does not detect the drive.
After rebooting the SK0-004 dumps server, the technician notices the drive is missing from POST and comes to the conclusion that the BIOS needs to be updated. The technician downloads the latest version of the BIOS update from the manufacturer website.
Which action should the technician take next?
A. backup the BIOS configuration to use later
B. install the BIOS update from a command prompt
C. create a bootable floppy and copy the BIOS update tools to the floppy
D. read the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations on installing the update
Answer: D

A large corporation is concerned about the amount of time it takes to back up their main file server.
They are also concerned that their IT technician frequently forgets to change the backup tapes, thereby leaving the company open to data loss. Which backup system would solve both problems?
B. tape library
C. optical storage
D. disk to disk to tape
Answer: B

Two new servers are purchased and need to be installed to allow sharing of a single external hard drive enclosure.
One server is configured as a local file server, and the SK0-004 other as a database server for a different network.
The onsite technician notices that when both servers are running at the same time, they each receive SCSI errors. When they are running individually, no errors are reported.
Which of the following is the BEST source of information to use for troubleshooting this problem?
A. the server vendor’s FAQ website
B. the SCSI controller vendor’s user manual
C. the drive enclosure vendor’s user manual
D. the network operating system vendor’s website
Answer: C

Which action increases server availability?
A. configuring a second network card with a different IP address
B. replacing the existing 100 Mbps NIC with a gigabit Ethernet NIC
C. using adapter teaming and configuring the second network card with the same IP address as the first network card
D. installing a dual-port network card that can handle the future growth and setting one NIC to 10 Mbps and one NIC to 100 Mbps
Answer: C
Which backup solution is the SK0-004 vce MOST appropriate for backing up a payload from a corporation with multiple servers and approximately 300 GB of data?
A. multiple AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) drives configured for each server
B. a standalone LTO (Linear Tape-Open) drive configured for all servers
C. standalone DAT (Digital Audio Tape) drives configured for each server
D. a tape library unit with more then one DAT (Digital Audio Tape) drive configured for all servers
E. a tape library unit with more the one SDLT (SuperDLT) drive configured for all servers
Answer: E

The current data center has run out of space. A room that is located next to the existing data center is then used to house two racks containing six servers. Six months later, physical housekeeping isperformed as part of a mid-year maintenance plan. Which environmental condition discovered in the room is LEAST critical?
A. There are discolored ceiling tiles near the middle of the room.
B. Large amounts of dust have accumulated in the corners of the room.
C. The anti-static carpet has been removed resulting in a bare painted concrete floor.
D. A wet pipe water-based sprinkler system has been installed above the racks.
Answer: C

After upgrading a server motherboard to the latest firmware revision, configuring LAN access in the SSU (System Setup Utility) fails. Which action should be taken FIRST to correct this problem?
A. replace the NIC
B. install the latest SSU (System Setup Utility) version
C. upgrade the firmware on the NIC
D. assign the NIC a static IRQ in the SSU (System Setup Utility)
Answer: C

Which of the following SCSI signaling systems uses one return line for every outgoing line, is less susceptible to SK0-004 pdf interference, signal degradation, crosstalk, and allows a cable length of up to 25 meters?
A. SE (Single Ended)
B. DE (Double Ended)
C. LVD (Low Voltage Differential)
D. HVD (High Voltage Differential)
Answer: D

A customer wants to increase the performance of an existing server. They are running a very network intensive application and feel that increasing the bandwidth to the network will fix their problem.
They are running two 24-port autosensing 10/100 hubs, tied together with a standard Ethernet crossover cable in port 24.
The server is running IPX. After adding a second network card and plugging one card into each hub, they have not seen any performance improvement.
Which two are likely reasons why implementing network adapter teaming has not improved performance? (Select TWO)
A. Adapter teaming is designed to work with switches.
B. Adapter teaming only functions with gigabit network cards.
C. Adapter teaming only provides fault tolerance, not additional bandwidth.
D. Adapter teaming only works with IPX when using switches and network cards with special features that support teaming.

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