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The wireless team must configure a new voice SSID for optimized roaming across multiple WLCs with Cisco 8821
phones. Which two WLC settings accomplish this goal? (Choose two.)
A. Configure AVC profiles on the SSID.
B. Configure mobility groups between WLCs.
C. Use AVC to tag traffic voice traffic as best effort.
D. Configure AP groups between WLCs.
E. Use Cisco Centralized Key Management for authentication.


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Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about Cisco Prime Infrastructure are true? (Choose two.)
A. It presents the recommended number of APs for the selected coverage area based on the selections made.
B. Planning mode requires a special license in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
C. It shows the map editor feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
D. Controllers must be synchronized with Cisco Prime Infrastructure for planning mode to work.
E. It shows the planning mode feature in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

An engineer is designing a wireless network that will support many different types of wireless clients. When conducting
the survey, which client must be used to ensure a consistent experience for all of the wireless clients?
A. the client that has the highest RF properties
B. the client that is used most by the company
C. the client that is used least by the company
D. the client with the worst RF characteristics

An engineer is designing an outdoor mesh network to cover several sports fields. The core of the network is located in a
building at the entrance of a sports complex. Which type of antenna should be used with the RAP for backhaul
A. 5 GHz, 8-dBi omnidirectional antenna
B. 2.4 GHz, 8-dBi patch antenna
C. 5 GHz, 14-dBi patch antenna
D. 2.4 GHz, 14-dBi omnidirectional antenna

A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network to support real-time applications over wireless. Which IEEE protocol must the engineer enable on the WLC so that the number of packets that are exchanged between an access point and client is reduced and fast roaming occurs?
A. 802.11w
B. 802.11r
C. 802.11i
D. 802.11k

A wireless engineer is designing a wireless network for a warehouse using access points with internal antennas. Which
two elements have a negative effect on wireless users? (Choose two.)
A. wireless channels
B. access point height
C. client authentication
D. client authorization
E. absorption

A wireless engineer must optimize RF performance for multiple buildings with multiple types of construction and user density. Which two actions must be taken? (Choose two.)
A. Configure FlexConnect groups for each building.
B. Configure WMM profiles for each building.
C. Configure AP groups for each area type.
D. Configure RF profiles for each area type.
E. Enable DTPC on the network.

An engineer is trying to determine the most cost-effective way to deploy high availability for a campus enterprise
wireless network that currently leverages three wireless LAN controllers. Which architecture should the engineer
A. N+N with SSO
B. N+1 solution without SSO
C. N+N solution without SSO
D. N+1 with SSO

A customer has determined that aesthetics is a primary concern for their upcoming guest deployment. Which design consideration can be leveraged to address this concern?
A. Paint the access point to cover the LED from being noticeable.
B. Use enclosures to hide the wireless infrastructure in the surrounding environment.
C. Use AIR-AP-BRACKET-1 to allow for greater mounting locations
D. Deploy environmentally friendly cabling components to blend into the environment.

An enterprise is using the wireless network as the main network connection for corporate users and guests. To ensure wireless network availability, two standalone controllers are installed in the head office. APS are connected to the controllers using a round-robin approach to load balance the traffic. After a power cut, the wireless clients disconnect while roaming. An engineer tried eping from the controller but fails. Which protocol needs to be allowed between the networks that the controllers are installed?
A. IP Protocol 67
B. IP Protocol 77
C. IP Protocol 87
D. IP Protocol 97


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Refer to the exhibit. What is the main reason why the Wi-Fi design engineer took a different approach than installing the APS in the offices, even though that installation provides better coverage?
A. aesthetics
B. transmit power considerations
C. antenna gain
D. power supply considerations

Guest anchoring is configured for a newly created SSID for a company. It has been noticed that the mobility tunnels are not up and that MPING fails from your foreign WLC to the anchor WLC. What is the reason that it is failing?
A. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow UDP port 16666 for communication to work.
B. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow UDP port 97 for communication to work.
C. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow TCP port 97 for communication to work.
D. A rule is needed at the firewall to allow TCP port 16666 for communication to work.

An engineer is reducing the subnet size of the corporate WLAN by segmenting the VLAN into smaller subnets. Clients will be assigned a subnet by location. Which type of groups should the engineer use to map the smaller subnets to the corporate WLAN?
A. WLC port groups
B. RF groups
C. AP groups
D. interface groups

A network engineer is working on a predictive WLAN design. The new wireless network must support access to the Internet, email, voice, and the inventory database. To successfully support these services, which configuration must the engineer use for the signal strength levels and SNR on the planning tool?
A. signal strength of -67 dBm, 20-dB SNR, and maximum 5 percent packet loss
B. signal strength of -70 dBm, 30-dB SNR, and maximum 10 percent packet loss
C. signal strength of 67 dBm, 20-dB SNR, and maximum 1 percent packet loss
D. signal strength of -67 dBm, 25-dB SNR, and maximum 1 percent packet loss

A medium-sized hospitality company with 50 hotels needs to upgrade the existing WLAN in each hotel to 802.11n.
During the site surveys for each hotel, what needs to be taken into consideration when determining the locations for each AP?
A. Selecting APs that can be hidden in ceiling panels to provide a secure and clean aesthetic look.
B. Selecting locations that make a visual assessment of the AP operation easy.
C. Selecting locations that are easily accessed so maintenance and upgrades can be performed quickly.
D. Selecting AP locations where power is already available.



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