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An engineer must provide a graphical report with summary grouped data of the total number of wireless clients on the network Which Cisco Prime Infrastructure report provides the requited data?
A. Client Summary
B. Posture Status Count
C. Mobility Client Summary
D. Client Traffic Stream Metrics


Branch wireless users report that they can no longer access services from head office but can access services locally at the site. New wireless users can associate to the wireless while the WAN is down. Which three elements (Cisco
FlexConnect state, operation mode, and authentication method) are seen in this scenario? (Choose three.)
A. authentication-local/switch-local
B. WPA2 personal
C. authentication-central/switch-central
D. lightweight mode
E. standalone mode
F. WEB authentication

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An engineer must implement a BYDD policy with these requirements: Onboarding unknown machines Easily scalable Low overhead on the wireless network Which method satisfies these requirements?
A. triple SSID
B. open SSID
C. dual SSID
D. single SSID


A wireless engineer needs to implement client tracking. Which method does the angle of arrival use to determine the location of a wireless device?
A. received signal strength
B. triangulation
C. time distance of arrival
D. angle of incidence

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A wireless engineer must configure access control on a WLC using a TACAS+ server for a company that is
implementing centralized authentication on network devices. Which role must be configured under the shell profile on the TACAS+ server for a user with ready-only permissions?


What is the default IEEE 802.1x AP authentication configuration on a Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controller?
A. EAP-PEAP with 802.1x port authentication
B. EAP-TLS with 802.1x port authentication
C. EAP-FAST with CAPWAP DTLS + port authentication


An engineer just added anew MSE to Cisco Prime Infrastructure and wants to synchronize the MSE with the Cisco 5520 WLC, which is located behind a firewall in a DMZ. It is noticed that NMSP messages are failing between the two devices. Which traffic must be allowed on the firewall to ensure that the MSE and WLC can communicate using NMSP?
A. TCP 1613
B. UDP 16113
C. TCP 16113
D. UDP 1613
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https:\\’/mrncciewxom/2014/09/25/what-is-nmsp/ https:\\’/mvwxiscoxomx/en\\’us\\’support/docs\\’wireless\\’mo


Which configured is applied to prevent the network from a Layer 2 flooding of multicast frames with a seamless transfer of multicast data to the client when roaming from one controller to another?
A. Enable IGMPv3 on the central Layer 3 switch.
B. Enable IGMP snooping on the WLC
C. Enable multicast mode on the WLC
D. Create multicast groups on the central Layer 3 switch.


An organization is supporting remote workers in different locations. In order to provide wireless network connectivity and services, OfficeExtend has been implement. The wireless connectivity is working, but users report losing connectivity to their local network printers. Which solution must be used to address this issue?
A. WLAN static IP tunneling
B. FlexConnect local switching
C. OEAP split tunnel
D. OEAP gateway override


An engineer is implementing profiling for BYOD devices using Cisco ISE. When using a distributed model, which
persona must the engineer configure with the profiling service?
A. Policy Services Node
B. Device Admin Node
C. Monitor Node
D. Primary Admin Node


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An engineer must connect a fork lift via a WGB to a wireless network and must authenticate the WGB certificate against the RADIUS server. Which three steps are required for this configuration? (Choose three.)
A. Configure the certificate, WLAN, and radio interface on WGB.
B. Configure the certificate on the WLC.
C. Configure WLAN to authenticate using ISE.
D. Configure the access point with the root certificate from ISE.
E. Configure WGB as a network device in ISE.
F. Configure a policy on ISE to allow devices to connect that validate the certificate.


Which two statements about the requirements for a Cisco Hyperlocation deployment are true? (Choose two.)
A. After enabling Cisco Hyperlocation on Cisco CMX, the APs and the wireless LAN controller must be restarted.
B. NTP can be configured, but that is not recommended.
C. The Cisco Hyperlocation feature must be enabled on the wireless LAN controller and Cisco CMX.
D. The Cisco Hyperlocation feature must be enabled only on the wireless LAN controller.
E. If the Cisco CMX server is a VM, a high-end VM is needed for Cisco Hyperlocation deployments.

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A customer is deploying local web authentication. Which software application must be implemented on Cisco ISE to utilize as a directory service?
A. Solaris Directory Service
D. Novell eDirectory

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A customer wants to Aps in the CEO\\’s office to have different usernames and passwords for administrative support than the other APs deployed through the facility. Which feature must be enabled on the WLC and Aps to achieve this goal?
A. Override global credentials
B. 802.1X supplicant credentials
C. Local management users
D. HTTPS access


A Cisco WLC has been added to the network and Cisco ISE as a network device, but authentication is failing. Which
configuration within the network device configuration should be verified?
A. SNMP RO community
B. device interface credentials
C. device ID
D. shared secret


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