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Free test Cisco Account manager 700-651 Exam Questions and Answers


Which percent of IT spending is controlled by IT? 

A. 50% 

B. 40% 

C. 60% 

D. 80% 

Correct Answer: C 




Which capabilities can be provided by Polycom? 

A. video endpoints, voice endpoints, call center functions 

B. video endpoints, voice endpoints, conferencing 

C. conferencing, call center functions, instant messaging 

D. call control, voice endpoints, contact center 

Correct Answer: B 




Which option does team collaboration refer to? 

A. all tools that allow members of a team single outlets for collaboration together on projects 

B. specific and limited tools that allow members of a team multiple outlets for collaboration together in projects 

C. specific tools that allow members of a team multiple outlets for storing isolated content on projects 

D. all tools that allow members of a team multiple outlets for collaboration together on projects 

Correct Answer: D 




How is transactional revenue procured? 

A. through a subscription-based model 

B. through a one-time transaction 

C. through a time-building model 

D. through massive marketing campaigns 

Correct Answer: B 




Which option do you need to apply a customer budget to products? 

A. knowledge of who the decision makers are 

B. clear understanding of the end goal 

C. if the customer has any flexibility in their budget to buy additional products as needed 

D. what licenses apply to each product 

Correct Answer: B 




Which Cisco Spark Flex Plan is an enterprise-wide subscription for meetings, messaging, and calling? 

A. Employee Count 

B. Cloud Flex 

C. Active User 

D. Shared Meetings 

Correct Answer: B 




Which factors help determine the collaboration fit? 

A. complexity and interactivity 

B. audience size and distribution 

C. complexity and duration 

D. complexity and audience size 

Correct Answer: D 




Which option lists the components of Cisco Spark? 

A. messaging and meeting 

B. messaging, meeting, and collaboration 

C. messaging, meeting and calling 

D. messaging, calling, and collaboration 

Correct Answer: C 




Which option must you consider when closing a sale? 

A. customer budget 

B. customer lifecycle 

C. recurring revenue 

D. transactional revenue 

Correct Answer: B 




How can you drive modernization within your customer\\’s existing environment? 

A. Hire an external consultant to convince the customer to modernize. 

B. Provide support to the end of sale products. 

C. Remind customers that their competitors are modernizing. 

D. Remind customers that they reduce operational risk by keeping current products with current support. 

Correct Answer: D 




For on-premises deployments, which option does Cisco recommend for a consistent one meeting experience and full


A. Cisco TelePresence Server 

B. Cisco Meeting Server 

C. Cisco Expressway 

D. Cisco Conductor 

Correct Answer: B 




Which Cisco platform provides all of the applications and integrations that other vendors have built? 

A. Hybrid Media Services 

B. Cisco API and Bot Plan 

C. Spark Depot Marketplace 

D. Cisco Spark Flex Plan 

Correct Answer: C 




Which Cisco collaboration product is promoted as an agile teaming application? 

A. Cisco Meeting Server 

B. Cisco WebEx Event Center 

C. Cisco Spark 

D. Cisco Immersive Endpoints 

Correct Answer: C

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