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Exam 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services:

Skills measured

  • Accessing Data (20-25%)
  • Querying and Manipulating Data by Using the Entity Framework (20-25%)
  • Creating and Consuming Web API-based services (20-25%)
  • Designing and Implementing Web Services (15-20%)
  • Deploying Web Applications and Services (15-20%)

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Latest effective Microsoft Web Applications 70-487 Exam Practice Tests

You need to create an OData query expression to return the ten books with the largest number of sales.

lead4pass 70-487 exam question q1

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: C

You need to configure the server to self-host the bookstore\\’s Web API application. Which code segment should you
use?lead4pass 70-487 exam question q2

Correct Answer: A

You need to choose the appropriate data access strategy for the college textbook area of the web application. Which
data access technology should you implement?
B. Entity Data Model (EDM)
C. WCF Data Services
Correct Answer: D

You are developing a Microsoft Azure web application. The application will be deployed to 10 web role instances. A
minimum of 8 running instances is needed to meet scaling requirements.
You need to configure the application so that upgrades are performed as quickly as possible, but do not violate scaling
How many upgrade domains should you use?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 5
D. 10
Correct Answer: C

You need to return the list of the top 100 books for the GetTopBooks() method. Which type should you use to retrieve
the data?
A. SqlDataReader
B. DataSet
C. DataTable
D. Data View
Correct Answer: A

You are developing an order processing application that uses the ADO.NET Entity Framework against a SQL Server
database. Lazy loading has been disabled. The application displays orders and their associated order details. Order
are filtered based on the category of the product in each order.
The Order class is shown below.lead4pass 70-487 exam question q6The OrderDetail class is shown below. lead4pass 70-487 exam question q6-1

The Product class is shown below. lead4pass 70-487 exam question q6-2

The Category class is shown below. lead4pass 70-487 exam question q6-3You need to return orders with their filtered list of order details included in a single round trip to the database. Which
code segment should you use? lead4pass 70-487 exam question q6-4A. B. C. D.
Correct Answer: C

You need to load flight information provided by Consolidated Messenger. What should you use?
A. Office Open XML
B. COM interop
C. OleDbConnection and OleDbDataReader
D. EntityConnection and EntityDataReader
Correct Answer: C

You are developing a WCF service that compares several data sources. The service takes a long time to complete. The
service must meet the following requirements:
The client must be able to continue processing while the service is running.
The service must initiate communication with the client application when processing is complete.
You need to choose a message pattern to meet the requirements.
Which message pattern should you choose?
One Way
Correct Answer: C

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that reads and writes data from a SQL Server database.
You need to maintain data integrity including retrieving identical sets across reads in all situations that use transactions.
Which isolation level should you use?
A. Repeatable
B. Serializable
C. ReadUncommitted
D. ReadCommitted
Correct Answer: D

You are preparing to write the data access code for the children\\’s book area of the web site. You need to review the
requirements and identify the appropriate data access technology. What should you do?
A. Use ADO.NET Entity Framework.
B. Use a Web Service.
C. Use the WCF Data Services.
D. Use LINQ to SQL.
Correct Answer: A

The GetExternalOrder() method in the ExternalQueueService service is throwing a runtime error. The method must
query the database for a record that matches the orderNum parameter passed to the method.
You need to modify the queryString string to retrieve the record.
With which code segment should you replace line EQ64?lead4pass 70-487 exam question q11A. B. C. D.
Correct Answer: C

Historical flight information data will be stored in Windows Azure Table Storage using the FlightInfo class as the table
There are millions of entries in the table. Queries for historical flight information specify a set of airlines to search and
whether the query should return only late flights. Results should be ordered by flight name.
You need to specify which properties of the FlightInfo class should be used at the partition and row keys to ensure that
query results are returned as quickly as possible.
What should you do? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A. Use the WasLate property as the row key.
B. Use the Airline property as the row key.
C. Use the WasLate property as the partition key
D. Use the Arrival property as the row key.
E. Use the Airline property as the partition key.
F. Use the Flight property as the row key.
Correct Answer: CF

You need to update the CreateMonthlyTotalsReports() method to use database transactions. Which code segment
should you use?
A. SqlConnection.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted);
B. SqlConnection.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.ReadUnconwited);
C. SqlConnection.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.Chaos);
D. SqlConnection.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.Serializable);
Correct Answer: B

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Who should take this exam?

Candidates for this certification are professional developers that use Visual Studio 2017 and the Microsoft® .NET Core Framework to design and develop Web solutions. Candidates should have a minimum of three to five years of experience developing ASP.NET MVC-based solutions. Additionally, candidates should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Experience designing and developing Web applications that access various (local and remote) data and services including Windows Azure
  • Experience with the full software development life cycle of data and service solutions
  • Experience developing and deploying to multi-tier environments, including Windows Azure
  • Experience designing and developing asynchronous solutions
  • Experience creating and consuming HTTP services

[PDF] Free Microsoft Web Applications 70-487 pdf dumps download from Google Drive:

[PDF] Free Full Microsoft pdf dumps download from Google Drive:

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