[2020.4] Latest Cisco Account manager Certification Exam Tips and Tricks

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Latest Cisco Account manager Certifications Exam questions

Latest Cisco 700-105 exam List

Cisco Cisco 700-105 Exam Video

Cisco Midsize Collaboration Solutions for Account Managers (700-105): https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/exams/docs/700-105p.pdf

Latest updates Cisco 700-105 exam practice questions(1-5)

Which way for customers to engage is preferred?
A. contact center
B. web
C. email
D. anywhere, anytime, any device using multiple communication channels
E. Cisco Telepresence
Correct Answer: D

Which four companies are the strongest Cisco competitors in the area of unified communications and collaboration?
(Choose four)
A. Juniper
B. Avaya
C. Siemens – Unify
E. Mitel
F. Brocade
G. Microsoft
Correct Answer: BCGH

Which Cisco online resource provides partners with the most comprehensive set of Cisco BE6000 sales materials that
are aligned to the sales cycle?
A. Cisco Selling Collab Portal
B. Cisco Business Edition 6000 Product home page
C. Cisco Promotions and Incentive
D. Cisco BE6000 Partner Sales Guide
Correct Answer: A

Which three operational benefits are provided by Cisco Business Edition 6000? (Choose three.)
A. support for multiple management platforms
B. faster end-user adoption through collaboration process templates
C. faster updates through smaller software packages
D. reduced implementation risk through reference architectures and validated designs
E. better user experience based on end-to-end architectural approach
F. faster solution implementation due to preloaded and preconfigured collaboration applications
Correct Answer: BEF

Which statement allows you to position the topic of collaboration meeting rooms with the customer?
A. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is a validated design that defines the layout design, and technical requirements
of Cisco Telepresence Video rooms.
B. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is a video conferencing service. It couples WebEx Personal Rooms and the
cloud-based WebEx Video Bridge into one, always-available meeting experience.
C. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms represent the video capabilities of Cisco Business Edition 6000 that enable
video from any device.
D. Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms is an on-premises service offering video to the enterprise across mobile,
desktop, and room-based systems.
Correct Answer: B

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Latest Cisco 700-150 exam List

Cisco Cisco 700-150 Exam Video

Latest updates Cisco 700-150 exam practice questions (1-5)

The Cisco Cloudlock protects your cloud users, data and apps. Which of the following is not under the coverage of
A. Facebook
B. Salesforce.com
C. Box
D. Slack
Correct Answer: A

What three key engines power Cisco DNA Center?
A. Identity Encryption Engine, Network Automation Platform Network Data Platform
B. Network Control Platform, Network Automation Platform, Network Encryption Platform
C. Identity Service Engine Network Control Platform, and Network Data Platform
D. Identity Service Engine, Network Automation Platform, Encrypted Traffic Analytics
Correct Answer: C

Cisco\\’s software-defined access allows customers to get network speed, security, and peace of mind. Which of them is
not one of the capabilities?
A. Secure from evolving threats
B. Limits the network access
C. Prepare for loT growth
D. Adapt to mobile demands
Correct Answer: B

Which Cisco endpoint is ideal for occasional-use, specialty settings such as cafeterias?
A. Cisco DX80
B. Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series
C. Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series
D. Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series
Correct Answer: B

Does a business capability consist of which of the following to enable the long-term strategy of the business?
A. Security, enablement, experience
B. Technology, expertise, process
C. People, tools, experience
D. People, process and technology
Correct Answer: A

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Latest Cisco 700-551 exam List

Cisco 700-551 Exam Video

Express Security Specializations – Ciscoļ¼šhttps://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/partners/partner_with_cisco/channel_partner_program/specializations/exp-sec-spec-partner-req-etmg-en.pdf

Latest updates Cisco 700-551 exam practice questions (1-5)

Which are three main areas of the Cisco Security Portfolio? (Choose three.)
A. Roaming Security
B. Advanced Threat
C. Policy and Entry
E. Cloud Security
F. Web andE-mail Security
Correct Answer: BEF

Whichthree are key points from the Threat-Centric module? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Security is the #1 threat model
B. Customers are searching for security answers without interrupting productivity
C. Cisco Security provides flexible, simple, and integrated advanced threat detection, through a multilayerd approach
D. The Cisco Security Portfolio provide security across the entire business environment
E. An effective security solution can help overcomeever-growing security challenges
F. Cisco Security provides direct simple, and balanced detection by driving customer outcomes
Correct Answer: CDF

Whatcustomer use case is challenged by device incompatibility, OS diversity, and a multitude of 3rd party applications?
A. Growing business
B. Small budget
C. Limited mobility
D. Vulnerable cloud
E. Compliance issue
Correct Answer: E

What is the first step in a software lifecycle management?
A. Asset Management
B. Cross/Up Sell
C. Adopt
D. Activate
E. Renew
Correct Answer: C

What are three of the main areas of the Cisco Security Solutions Portfolio? (Choose three.)
A. Comprehensive policy enforcement
B. Advanced Threat Protection
C. Cloud Security
D. SaaS and Cloud Platform
E. Web and E-mail Security
F. Patchworked applications
Correct Answer: BCE

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Latest Cisco 700-751 exam List

Cisco Cisco 700-751 Exam Video

Latest updates Cisco 700-751 exam practice questions (1-5)

Which two are key benefits of 3504 controllers? (Choose two.)
A. Supports 150 APs and 3000 clients
B. Supports 1Gbps throughput
C. Available in various form factors
D. Supports HA with SSO capability
E. Supports modular power supply
Correct Answer: AC

Which are two main features enabled by Catalyst 3650CX and the Cisco Catalyst 2960L in education? (Choose two.)
A. Interactive white board
C. IP camera
D. Classroom polling
E. Display/E-banner
Correct Answer: BD

How does Catalyst Access Switching provide two improved workforce experiences? (Choose two.)
A. Flexible workspace
B. Manual configuration of end devices
C. Core data center deployments
D. Internet of things, such as flexible workspace (open office, branch office, conference and classrooms)
E. Controller-based management
Correct Answer: CD

Which are three SKUs for Mobility Express? (Choose three.)
A. AIR-AP2802I-K9
B. AIR-AP1815W-x-K9
C. AIR-AP1815I-K9C
D. AIR-AP3802I-K9C
E. AIR-AP1852I-K9
F. AIR-AP2802I-K9C
Correct Answer: BCF

Which two features of the Cisco catalyst 1100 ISR router deliver a high performance and high-quality experience?
(Choose two.)
A. Mobility express to simplify wireless deployment and operation
B. Application hosting
C. 802.11ac Wi-Fi support
D. WAN and application optimization with WAAS
E. Unified communications with series build apps for Cisco TDM
Correct Answer: AC

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