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Cisco 300-710 exam questions online practice test


What is the advantage of having Cisco Firepower devices send events to Cisco Threat Response via the security
services exchange portal directly as opposed to using Syslog?

A. Firepower devices do not need to be connected to the Internet.
B. An on-premises proxy server does not need to be set up and maintained.
C. All types of Firepower devices are supported.
D. Supports all devices that are running supported versions of Firepower

Correct Answer: B


Exam B


An administrator is creating interface objects to better segment their network but is having trouble adding interfaces to the objects. What is the reason for this failure?

A. The interfaces are being used for NAT for multiple networks.
B. The administrator is adding interfaces of multiple types.
C. The administrator is adding an interface that is in multiple zones.
D. The interfaces belong to multiple interface groups.

Correct Answer: D


Which description of a correlation policy configuration in the Cisco Firepower Management Center is true?

A. The system displays correlation policies that are created on all of the domains in a multidomain deployment
B. Deleting a response group deletes the responses of that group
C. You cannot add a host profile qualification to a correlation rule that is triggered by a malware event
D. Correlation policy priorities override whitelist priorities

Correct Answer: C


Which function is the primary function of the Cisco AMP threat Grid?

A. It analyzes copies of packets from the packet flow
B. The device is deployed in a passive configuration
C. If a rule is triggered the device generates an intrusion event.
D. The packet flow traverses the device
E. If a rule is triggered the device drops the packet

Correct Answer: AC


What is the disadvantage of setting up a site-to-site VPN in a clustered-units environment?

A. VPN connections can be re-established only if the failed master unit recovers.
B. Smart License is required to maintain VPN connections simultaneously across all cluster units.
C. VPN connections must be re-established when a new master unit is elected.
D. Only established VPN connections are maintained when a new master unit is elected.

Correct Answer: C



When using Cisco AMP for Networks, which feature copies a file to the Cisco AMP cloud for analysis?

A. Spero analysis
B. dynamic analysis
C. sandbox analysis
D. malware analysis

Correct Answer: B


Which two types of objects are reusable and supported by Cisco FMC? (Choose two.)

A. dynamic key mapping objects that help link HTTP and HTTPS GET requests to Layer 7 application protocols.
B. reputation-based objects that represent Security Intelligence feeds and lists, application filters based on category and reputation, and file lists
C. network-based objects that represent IP address and networks, port/protocols pairs, VLAN tags, security zones, and origin/destination country
D. network-based objects that represent FQDN mappings and networks, port/protocol pairs, VXLAN tags, security
zones and origin/destination country
E. reputation-based objects, such as URL categories

Correct Answer: BC



Which two fields can be used to create a new email alert within the Cisco Firepower Management center under the Policies > Actions > Alerts tab? (Choose two.)

A. Device
B. Source
C. Destination
D. From
E. Relay Host

Correct Answer: DE


cisco 300-710 exam questions q9

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is analyzing the Attacks Risk Report and finds that there are over 300 instances of new operating systems being seen on the network. How is the Firepower configuration updated to protect these new operating systems?

A. Cisco Firepower Automatically updates the policies.
B. The administrator requests a Remediation Recommendation Report from Cisco Firepower
C. Cisco Firepower gives recommendations to update the policies
D. The administrator manually updates the policies.

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is attempting to remotely log into a switch in the data center using SSH and is unable to connect. How does the administrator confirm that traffic is reaching the firewall?

A. by performing a packet capture on the firewall
B. by attempting to access it from a different workstation
C. by running Wireshark on the administrator\’s PC
D. by running a packet tracer on the firewall

Correct Answer: D



With Cisco FirePOWER Threat Defense software, which interface mode do you configure to passively receive traffic that passes the appliance?

A. transparent
B. routed
C. passive
D. inline set
E. inline tap

Correct Answer: C


A network engineer is receiving reports of users randomly getting disconnected from their corporate applications which traverse the data center FTD appliance. Network monitoring tools show that the FTD appliance utilization is peaking above 90% of total capacity. What must be done in order to further analyze this issue?

A. Use the Packet Export feature to save data onto external drives.
B. Use the Packet Capture feature to collect real-time network traffic.
C. Use the Packet Tracer feature for traffic policy analysis.
D. Use the Packet Analysis feature for capturing network data.

Correct Answer: B



Which object type supports object overrides?

A. time range
B. security group tag
C. network object
D. DNS server group

Correct Answer: C



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Share part of the Cisco 300-710 exam PDF free for some students to download and study online.
All free exam content comes from a part of the Lead4Pass 300-710 exam dumps.